Greetings Cobbers,  

We are eagerly preparing for a Fall Semester of in-person classes and events. So that we can return to these types of activities, Concordia is strongly encouraging all students to be vaccinated and we have stated our goal of an 85% vaccination rate by August 1 for students and employees. Later this month, you will receive information about how to report your vaccination status to the College, as well as testing and other requirements for unvaccinated students.  To find a vaccination site in your area visit  

As a part of our preparation for fall, we are currently in the process of reviewing and increasing room capacities to align with new MDH guidelines.  The Registrar’s Office continues to work with academic departments and programs to modify course mode of instruction in accordance with revised capacity.  The online Banner course schedule is being updated as changes to instructional modes are made. 

It is important that we all continue to monitor symptoms and practice good hygiene.  Please report any symptoms you may have through the symptom check form.  The COVID Helpline phone (710-730-8304) and email ( continue to be staffed during the summer.        

We are thrilled to let you know that the COVID risk level on campus is now GREEN.  This means that if you are fully vaccinated, you do not need to wear a face covering while on campus, and there are also relaxed social distancing guidelines.  As a reminder, if you are not vaccinated, you should continue to wear your face covering in college buildings and maintain social distancing.  

Thank you.  
COVID Response Group