Greetings Concordia Students, Faculty, and Staff,

In this week’s COVID message, we are addressing masking on campus as well as updates from the Minnesota Department of Health and the Biden Administration. We are also sharing our gratitude.

Fast Facts

  • There is one active student case and two active employee cases.
  • Our vaccination rate for students is 82% and 91% for employees.
  • Our risk level remains green, or low.

Risk Levels

  • While our risk level is green, we do want to highlight that masking has helped us be able to offer in-person classes and events. That said, we will be reviewing our masking policy on September 17th as previously stated. The result of that review will be sent out in the next weekly update on September 20th.  
  • The MDH has updated its guidance on risk level scenarios. We are analyzing the information to see if adjustments are needed for our risk level scenarios.  

The Biden Administration recently released its COVID-19 Action Plan. We are waiting for the protocols to be determined before identifying a strategy to comply.   

Many questions you may have about COVID on campus can be answered on the COVID Response website. Additional questions can be sent to  

We appreciate the role each of you is playing to keep our campus as healthy as possible. Thank you to our dedicated cleaning staff, the diligent food service employees, the Student Helpline workers, the people who make the tough calls, those who act on the decisions, everyone for adjusting the way you work and learn, and for all those who have gotten vaccinated. It takes ALL of that and ALL of us working together to be where we are today. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.  

Thank you,

COVID Response Group