As we come together in the spring semester, we again return to working, living, and learning in community. Together, we continue to take this step onward, trusting our positive behaviors will benefit ourselves and our community.   

Responsibility for creating a thriving environment calls each of us to take necessary precautions to support the health and well-being of every person, including ourselves.  To be collectively accountable to one another, we have now updated the Cobber Commitment – guidance and measures college community members will uphold to minimize the spread of COVID-19.  

As a member of the Concordia community, I will care for myself, for other people and our community as a whole by being part of the solution to lessen the spread of COVID-19.

I Commit To:

Care for Myself

Health Screening: I will complete the college’s daily wellness check, including monitoring all possible symptoms and my overall health to determine if I should stay at home and away from others.  

Hand Washing: I will practice frequent and proper hand washing. 

Information: I will read the college’s COVID-19 correspondence and will complete any required COVID-19 training and/or mitigation protocols.    

Testing: I will participate in COVID-19 testing when required by the college. 

Well-being: I will engage in behaviors for my own well-being and will use college and community resources designed to support my behavioralphysical, socialand spiritual health

Care for Other People

COVID-19 Symptoms: I will stay home and connect with a health provider. Students with symptoms must call the Concordia campus medical officer at 218.299.3652.  Employees with symptoms must contact Human Resources at or 218.299.3339.  

Physical Distancing: I will maintain 6 feet of physical distancing between myself and other people and will welcome reminders from other people if I am getting too close. 

Face Coverings: I will adhere to college, local, and state guidelines for face coverings and will properly wear my face covering. 

Non-Discrimination: I will not discriminate against anyone who has the virus or who may be at increased risk, nor will I engage in any bias-related violence, intimidation and/or harassment. I will uphold college accessibility, non-discrimination and health data privacy policies and will demonstrate compassion and care for other people on campus and in the community.  

Encouragement: I will encourage others to follow the expectations of the Cobber Commitment when I see opportunities to do so. I will express gratitude to others for their positive behaviors.    

Care for Community

Isolation or Quarantine: I will follow the college’s protocols for isolation, quarantine, and contact tracing  

Travel: will follow all travel restrictions communicated by the college and/or local, state, or national authorities.   

Leaving campus/social gatherings: I will recognize my responsibility to our broader community and will maintain good health practices. I will behave in ways that demonstrate care for other people when I do leave campus by properly wearing a face covering, maintaining physical distancing, washing my hands, and avoiding gatherings that increase risk.   

Guests:I will follow campus expectations before inviting any guests to campus. If campus guests are permitted, I will share applicable guidelines with them so we can work together to help minimize the spread of COVID-19.