Start Date: Aug. 20, 2020

This page was created to inform the Concordia community of positive COVID-19 cases among our students, faculty and staff on campus. A case is placed on this site when the college is notified of a positive COVID-19 laboratory test for a student, faculty or staff member of our Moorhead campus. If individuals have only interacted with the community in an online environment their test results will not be included in this count. If a student or employee fails to report a positive test to the college, we cannot communicate that case to the community. This page was launched Aug. 20 with the count beginning on that day. The case count will be updated during business hours Monday-Friday.

Confidentiality prohibits the college from publishing any personal information regarding people's health. The college will not confirm if a specific individual has tested positive for COVID-19 per privacy laws.

Reported COVID Case Log

The following are the new cases reported by date.

Aug. 28: Student case (1)
Aug. 29: Student cases (2)
Aug. 31: Student cases (3)
Sept. 1: Student cases (13)*
Sept. 2: Student cases (8)
Sept. 3: Student cases (12)
Sept. 4-6: Student cases (30)
Sept. 7: Student cases (3)
Sept. 8: Student cases (10)
Sept. 9: Student cases (19)
Sept. 10: Student cases (6)
Sept. 11-13: Student cases (9)
Sept. 14: Student cases (2)
Sept. 15: Student cases (2) Employee case (1)
Sept. 16: Student cases (4)
Sept. 17: Student cases (3)
Sept. 18-20: Student cases (2)
Sept. 21: No cases
Sept. 22: Student case (1)
Sept. 23: Student cases (2)
Spet. 24: No cases

*decreased by 3 because of error in positive case reporting

Individuals who have a positive lab-confirmed test for COVID-19 will be told to isolate and those who are awaiting test results will be quarantined if recommended to do so by a medical provider. Read more information about isolation and quarantine.

COVID-19 Notification Procedure

When notified of a lab-confirmed COVID case, Concordia will follow the procedures of local and state health officials for notification and contact tracing. Contacts will receive guidance for next steps for monitoring and testing. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, a close contact is a person who has been within 6 feet of the ill individual for 15 minutes or more. The college will work with the health department to assist in contact tracing as necessary.