We wanted to share some good news with you today regarding students and COVID-19 vaccinations. In a recent survey* to assess student interest in a possible on-campus vaccine event, 39% of student respondents reported having already been vaccinated. That is great news for our campus.  At the moment, because of the pause in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine which has been used in the mobile events, an on-campus vaccine event is on hold.

There are still many options for COVID-19 vaccines locally.

Several pharmacies also offer the vaccine including

The CDC has a list of Frequently Asked Questions for more information about vaccinations.

The Minnesota Department of Health site also has information on each of the types of vaccines and about getting vaccinated. Here is what MDH states about why people should get vaccinated:

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself and your community. The more people who get vaccinated against COVID-19, the better it is for everyone. More people vaccinated means that there will be less disease in our communities. Vaccination will also help prevent the spread of new COVID-19 variants. We will start to get back to the activities we love, open up business and schools, and scale back our public health prevention measures, such as masking and social distancing. Vaccination is how we will end the pandemic.

We all look forward to the day when enough people are vaccinated and many restrictions can be lifted. Thank you for your diligence in continuing mitigation strategies (masking, distancing, keeping gatherings smaller).

Emergency Response Team


* The survey was administered by Health Services/COVID Student Helpline and sent to all students. It was open from April 6-8 and had a 40% response rate.