Good afternoon, 

Today’s message is about a new Cobber Commitment, employee COVID-19 testing, and information disseminated to students regarding January testing. 

Cobber Commitment: In January you will receive a new version of the Cobber Commitment, our shared statement on actions we will take to mitigate risk of COVID-19 at Concordia. When you receive that document please review it and indicate that you have read it. 

COVID-19 Testing: The college is strongly encouraging faculty and staff who will be on campus or on site in Bemidji to be tested as you return to work after the holidays. This testing approach supports identifying asymptomatic individuals and provides another opportunity to mitigate risk on campus. As with students, faculty/staff should get tested seven days after you return to your normal schedule. Free testing can be done through the VAULT saliva testing site in Moorhead or through the mail-in tests for MN residents.

Student Information: As individuals who mentor and guide students we wanted you to be aware of the information students received about COVID-19 testing AND reporting their test results. That message is below.

Thank you for your diligence as we navigate this pandemic. This is our last scheduled communication until January. 

Emergency Response Team
President’s Cabinet

The following message was sent to students today, Monday, Dec. 21:

Dear Students,   

The following is a message about a new Cobber Commitment and the COVID-19 testing and reporting process for when you return spring semester. It is important information – please read to the end.    

Cobber Commitment: In January you will receive a new version of the Cobber Commitment, our shared statement on actions we will take to mitigate risk of COVID-19 at Concordia. When you receive that document please review it and indicate that you have read it.  

Testing Information  
As you know, COVID-19 testing will be required for students in January. Thank you for doing your part to add another layer of prevention to our return-to-class process.   

All full-time or part-time students enrolled for the spring semester must be tested.  This includes any students who will be taking in-person or hybrid courses, coming to campus for any reason or interacting with other Concordia students. Few exceptions are expected. One example may be students who are learning completely online for the entire spring semester and living outside the Fargo-Moorhead area (e.g. many of our World Language Instruction graduate students.)   

Additional information about possible exceptions can be found on the January Testing FAQ found here.  


  • MDH recommends testing 7-days after returning to the area.
  • Students living on or off campus who are in the Fargo-Moorhead area on or before January 1 – or who never left the F-M area, should be tested on January 8.     
  • Students living on or off campus who return to the Fargo-Moorhead area after January 1 should be tested 7 days after they return.     
  • You will be emailed a reminder of your testing date based on your response to the survey you received on 12/16.   


  • Vault saliva testing site   
    • Former Thomas Edison Elementary School 
      1110 S. 14th Street (A few blocks east of campus, walking distance)   
    • Monday - Friday: noon-7 p.m. 
      Saturday-Sunday: 10 a.m.-4 p.m.   
    • Schedule Appointment with Vault Health 
      Schedule an appointment at the link above. An appointment is not required but encouraged. If you have insurance, you will upload your insurance card when creating an account with Vault Health but you will not be billed for anything.
  • Campus Medical Officer, if symptomatic.  Call phone (218) 299-3652 to schedule an appointment.

While you wait for test results:   

  • If you have symptoms, stay home and await your results.  If you do not have symptoms, you may continue attending class and eating in the dining center but please consider this a “lay low” time period.  If you must leave your home, wear a mask and maintain 6 feet of distance.  
  • If you do have symptoms, please call the Campus Medical Officer at (218) 299-3652 for detailed information.   

How to submit results:   

  • All students will be automatically enrolled in a Moodle course titled January COVID-19 Testing.  The course will not be open until January and will show up on your Moodle page at that time.   
  • Your estimated testing date will be determined based on the return date you provided on the Dec. 16 January Return Survey.  An email reminder will be sent to you indicating which date you should test.    
    • If your return date has changed slightly, simply modify your testing date accordingly (i.e. 7 days after you return to the Fargo-Moorhead area) and submit the results when you receive them.   
    • If your return date has changed significantly, please email with your new return date.   
  • Once you receive your results, log in to your Moodle account and find the course titled January COVID-19 testing, or follow the link that will be provided in your reminder email.     
  • You will be asked to indicate whether your result was positive or negative and you will be asked to upload a copy or screen shot of the results you were provided by the testing site or medical provider.   
    • A screen shot with your phone, saving to a PDF, or printing and scanning the document are just three easy ways to create a document to upload into the system.  
  • If you have a positive result or are a close contact to someone who has tested positive, please contact the COVID Student Helpline for further instructions at (701) 730-8304. Students who test positive will receive instructions on where to complete their isolation period and how they can receive meals and other campus support during that time.   
  • If your test results are not received on or around the date calculated by your January return, you will be reminded to take and submit the test.  If additional follow-up is needed, the issue may be addressed through the campus conduct system.

Please refer to the January Testing FAQ if you have questions about your unique circumstances.

Testing question: Email   

Positive test result, considered a close contacts or other COVID-19 questions: Call the COVID Student Helpline at phone (701) 730-8304   

COVID-19 Symptoms: Call the Campus Medical Officer at (218) 299-3652   

Emergency Response Team 
President’s Cabinet