Since COVID-19 vaccine distribution in the United State began in December, more than 64 million doses have been administered to the U.S. population. The CDC has made recommendations about who should receive the vaccines first and then each state has made its own plan.

It is important to know the vaccination plan for your state and when you might become eligible for the vaccine if you haven’t already received it.

Minnesota residents can sign up for the Vaccine Connector – a tool that will help you find out when, where, and how you can get a COVID-19 vaccine.

North Dakota residents should consult the North Dakota Department of Health’s Vaccine Locator and priority information on their website.

Students who are residents of other states should consult their state Health Department guidelines and call Katie Nystuen in the Concordia Health Service Office at 299-3362 with additional questions.

At this time, there is not enough vaccine for healthy individuals younger than 65 to be vaccinated, unless you work in healthcare (or other specialized industries designated by each state). The time will come when there will be vaccine for everyone and knowing your state’s plan will help with your next steps.

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