On Sunday, January 10, at midnight Minnesota Governor Walz’s most recent executive order is set to expire with a new order taking effect on Monday. This change will remove some of the stricter guidelines that were put in place to mitigate COVID-19.   

Concordia has evaluated the indicators that placed us in risk level orange back in November. Those indicators included elevated county COVID numbers, hospital bed capacity, and statewide COVID cases. We have determined it is time to move back to risk level yellow. This change will happen at 6 a.m. on Monday, January 11.  

What this means for the college 

  • Campus curfew will be lifted 
  • Limited guests will be allowed in on-campus rooms and apartments.  – see details  
  • Korn Krib and the Coffee Stop reopen 
  • Fitness balcony reopens – see hours and guidelines  
  • Swimming pool reopens  see information  

While our risk level indicators support this move, we need to remain vigilant. Wear your mask over both your mouth and nose, maintain your social distancing and complete the Daily Symptom Check to be sure you are well before going to public places, including around campus.  

Because we are still in our online mode of instruction, which will move to blended learning next week, we do have building restrictions in place. You can find current building hours on CobberNet.   

Emergency Response Team