Good morning,
Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced an executive order yesterday requiring face coverings/masks in all indoor public spaces beginning Saturday, July 25. In accordance with the governor’s order, Concordia will require face coverings in all campus buildings. Face coverings will be required indoors even if six-foot distancing can be maintained.

Face coverings are not required outdoors unless six-foot physical distancing can’t be maintained. Face coverings will not be required inside residence hall rooms or townhouse/apartment units. Individuals with a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability that makes it unreasonable to wear a face covering, are not required to do so. Children under five are also not required to wear face coverings and children under two should not wear face coverings.

The governor indicated the path to decrease the rise of COVID-19 cases and keep Minnesota businesses open is by wearing face coverings. Personal decisions made by all members of our college community regarding the wearing of face coverings will positively or negatively impact our ability to deliver in-person classes in the fall. Thank you for your cooperation as we follow this face covering mandate from Governor Walz. 

William MacDonald
Emergency Response Team

*Additional Information: Per the executive order, face coverings may be removed when you are alone in an office, vehicle, heavy equipment cab, certain types of cubicles or an enclosed work area. Individuals must have a face covering with them to be prepared for person-to-person interactions.

Please refer to the executive order for more detailed information.