Today’s message is a status report about vaccines and Concordia’s COVID-19 mitigations. As Minnesota and North Dakota have opened up new categories for vaccination opportunities, we are aware that many people are thinking about vaccinations and what will happen to our day-to-day lives as more people are vaccinated.  

While a vaccination may personally open up your opportunities to be around more people, at this time Concordia will continue to require masking and social distancing in the same manner we have all academic year. Even if a division of the college or an entire class have been vaccinated, right now they will need to continue masking and social distancing while working/attending class.  

Also, as a reminder, we should all be sensitive to people’s decisions regarding vaccines. There are many reasons why someone might not receive the vaccine. It is important to respect people’s private health information by not asking whether or not they have been vaccinated.   

The situation regarding COVID-19 is ever-changing. Last week the MN governor announced a roll back on some of the state restrictions. The college receives guidance each week from our Minnesota Department of Health Higher Education liaison who gives colleges/universities information about how the new state guidance should be interpreted on campuses. If there are any overall campus changes we will communicate that information.  

Finally, while there are many encouraging trends, Minnesota continues to monitor the spread of the variants and we need to remain vigilant. Thank you for continuing to do your part to minimize your close contacts, wear your mask, social distance and keep washing your hands.  

Emergency Response Team