With the upcoming Spring/Easter break the end of March we have the following reminders: 

First, we do have in-person classes after you return from break. Some professors may opt to do hybrid or online courses for a portion of that time, but we are NOT moving to online only.  

Second, the state of Minnesota is still advising no unnecessary travel. If you do travel away from campus for any extended period of time please follow the Minnesota Department of Health recommendations:

  • Lay low before you go. Limit who you are around in the week before you leave.
  • Test before you go. If your test is negative, continue to lay low. 
  • Practice good habitsWear your face covering, keep social distancing and wash your hands frequently when you do travel. 
  • Lay low before your returnLimit the number of people you are with in the days prior to returning to campus. 
  • Lay low/Self-Quarantine when you return 
    • Stay away from others outside your household for at least a week. 
    • Use the grab-n-go for Dining Services. 
    • Don’t attend activities or classes in-person - attend online or virtually instead. 
    • Wear your face covering, keep social distancing and wash your hands frequently if you must leave your room/apartment. 
  • Get testedGet a COVID-19 test 5 to 7 days after you return.  

If you travel and need to self-quarantine when you return, you may remain in your normal residence hall or apartment (there is no need to contact the COVID Student Helpline to report your quarantine in this instance). If you travel and test positive, follow all standard protocols including contacting the Helpline. 

Following these recommendations gives the entire campus the best ability to remain healthy. This is a matter of personal responsibility to those around you. The college will not have students report their travel plans. 

Emergency Response Team