Dear Concordia Students, Faculty, and Staff, 

We are all watching with concern the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in Minnesota and North Dakota.   As we prepare for the Thanksgiving break that begins after November 20, I am writing today to recommend actions we can take as a community to address this challenge, for our own well-being and for the love for our neighbors, near and far. 

We can do the following: 

  1. Get tested for COVID before the Thanksgiving break.  Testing is especially recommended for our students, and for all in the ages from 18 to 35.  Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and the Minnesota Department of Health have let us know that this is the age group in which the pandemic spread is greatest now.   
  2. Follow the practices—on campus and off—of mask wearing, physical distancing, and handwashing, now well established at our college. 
  3. Carefully consider your attendance at social gatherings and celebrations. See the new guidelines from Governor Walz, pp. 2-4. 
  4. For students, avoid unnecessary travel between campus and your permanent address. New information from the Minnesota Department of Health indicates that such travel is no longer advisable. 

A reminder that the state of Minnesota has established an operation close to campus where all can receive a saliva test, whether or not they have symptoms, at no cost to themselves.  

This site is located at the old Thomas Edison school, 1110 S. 14th St., a short walk from campus.  

Directions. While it is possible to go to that site without an appointment, it is better to register for a time to be tested. You can do this through this link to their scheduling webpage:  Appointments are available Fridays through Tuesdays.  

This is a moment for Concordia to shine. Our mission calls us to be actively engaged and influential in the world, motivated by service for the good of our neighbor. Everyone is feeling, in some form, the pain arising from this pandemic.  We can work to limit that pain and sustain the life together we so much love. 

In mission, 

William Craft, President 
The Emergency Response Tea