Today’s message includes important information for both this semester and next. This is a long message. Please read to the end.

Spring Start

As we plan for the beginning of spring semester, the college is cognizant that our semester will begin only seven days after the New Year’s holiday. In light of this, as well as recommendations from Minnesota Department of Health to consider delaying or staggering an in-person return to the spring semester, Concordia will stagger the return to in-person learning and activities in January in the following manner:

All classes (including lectures, labs, studios, lessons) will have a one-week period of online learning (January 7-13) followed by a staggered start to in-person learning. All classes offered as in-person and blended will begin in-person learning no later than Jan 20.

Schedule Type  

Jan. 7-13 

Jan. 14-19 

Jan. 20 onward

Traditional (all in person) 


Online or In-person

In person  

Blended (mostly in-person)  

Online or In-person

Blended (mostly in person)  

Blended (mostly online)  


Blended (mostly online)  




For traditional (all in person) and blended (mostly in person) courses, instructors will inform students, after consultation with their department chair/program director, by December 16 whether they will start in person on January 14 or delay the in-person start until no later than January 20.

Performing arts co-curriculars will have a one-week period of online activity (Jan 7-13) followed by a staggered start to in-person rehearsals. Directors will convey to students when in-person activities will take place. Other co-curricular programs and events are strongly encouraged to delay in-person activities until January 20 with no in-person activities until at least January 14.

Plans for athletic activities will await further guidance from the MIAC.

Only programs with ERT pre-approval will be able to start in advance of the in-person start dates described above. Pre-approvals will be limited, primarily relating to accreditation standards or program requirements, internships or clinical work, or for select activities affecting small cohorts of students and which cannot be adequately conducted for one week remotely.

Note: This period of online learning does not impact residential life; students may return to residential housing on January 4, 2021.

Thanksgiving Checklist

If you are hoping/planning to leave for Thanksgiving you should make preparations to keep you and your family safe and protect the campus if you are returning after the holiday.

The following is a list you should consider

  • Testing: Don’t take COVID home for the holidays. Get tested at the local VAULT Medical saliva site or if you have symptoms, students can get tested by the campus medical officer and employees by their medical provider.
  • Lay low: Socialize virtually and try to limit in-person socializing with people who live in your own home/residence hall room. In the push to the end of the semester we know everyone is tired and friends are important support. We also must slow the spread of the virus by not gathering.
  • Make a choice: If you are choosing to travel and see loved ones, then take the precautions to mitigate risk. Once there, determine if you should also mask and distance for a time. Students, if you don’t feel confident in seeing your family either because of your own health or theirs, you don’t have to leave your college housing.
  • Plan your Return: If you are coming back to the college this semester, do these steps again before your return.
    • Stay away from gatherings
    • Lay low
    • Get tested
    • Mask and distance once you get back.

Minnesota Department of Health is recommending students not travel back and forth between their college residence and their permanent residence as they finish the semester. They are requesting students pick a location and stay there.

Flu Shots

And finally, in the midst of COVID-19 it is hard to remember it is also flu season. Flu shots are extremely important. You can get one through the Campus Medical Officer, please call ahead (218) 299-3652 for availability.

Emergency Response Team
President’s Cabinet