If you are planning to leave campus for the Thanksgiving holiday there are things you should consider now. The Minnesota Department of Health has issued several recommendations for the upcoming holiday season to help lower the risk of bringing COVID to your loved ones. Today we call your attention to two of the recommendations.

Get tested

MDH recommends COVID-19 testing 10 days prior to your departure, and if possible, again 4-5 days prior to your departure.

If you are asymptomatic: VAULT Medical’s saliva test site is a good option.
If you are symptomatic: Call the Campus Medical Officer (218) 299-3652.

Regardless of where you get tested, contact the COVID Student Helpline if you:
1) have a positive test result
2) find out you are a close contact (within 6 feet of an infected person for 15 minutes or more in a 24-hour period) 

3) are confused about where to test, or what to do afterward.

The Helpline (701) 730-8304 will assist all students with next steps, including providing the correct isolation/quarantine space for students who live on-campus – even over the holiday if needed.

“Lay Low” before you go

This means doing only low-risk activities (masked, distanced and in small numbers) in the two weeks prior to leaving for the holiday.

  • Do attend class (where you are masked and distanced).
  • Do take walks, engage in conversation with one or two people, or attend virtual parties.
  • Do NOT go to parties, bars/restaurants, or social gatherings. Your chances of exposure increase in these settings.
  • If you can’t “lay low” before you leave, you need to mask and distance with the people you are visiting for the first two weeks.
  • More travel tips are available on the Minnesota Department of Health website.

For many of you, this means staying the course as you have been focused and vigilant this entire semester. For others, it is now time to build new, lower-risk habits.

As a general reminder – wear your mask, wash your hands, and mind your distance to promote the well-being of all.

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