Confidentiality Reminder
Confidentiality (HIPAA) prohibits the college from sharing personal information regarding a person’s health. 

If a Concordia student discloses a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, has symptoms, has been exposed or is quarantined due to exposure, you should encourage the student to contact the COVID Student Helpline.  If a Concordia employee discloses similar information, the employee should contact Human Resources. Personal health information should not be shared in the process of coordinating alternate work or class arrangements.  

Those in isolation or quarantine may share any information they wish with whomever they wish about their own personal health circumstances.   

Reminder: Classroom Furniture Must Be 6-ft Distanced 
Classroom furniture remaining in place has been problematic. In a recent walk-through conducted by facilities staff, numerous classrooms, offices, and learnings spaces needed to be reset in order to reestablish required social distancing. In short – don’t move the furniture. If you find furniture is obviously out of place and not set up for 6-ft distancing, please rearrange it to adhere to the room diagrams. Be especially mindful of this when using the classrooms after standard class hours. Reference the room diagrams posted in each classroom and use the 6’ PVC pipe to measure the appropriate distance between seats. Faculty, if the space you are using needs to be reset before you begin class, please do reset it and email with the location so the problem can be resolved. If you notice a classroom missing the room diagram, 6’ pipe or the “Don’t move the furniture” sign, please email

Halloween Suggestions
Halloween is this Saturday and it is important to remember COVID-19 isn’t suspended for the holiday. It is extremely important to celebrate in a smart way. 

The Minnesota Department of Health is recommending the following: 

  • Incorporate a mask into your costume. 
  • Dress warmly and stay outside 
  • Get dressed up, but stick with a small group or show off your costume over a zoom party 
  • Avoid gatherings of 5 or more 
  • Don’t go to bars or parties where there are large crowds and only go places that follow social distancing 
  • Consider campus Halloween events 
    • Campus Entertainment Commission has planned several activities for students throughout Halloween week, including take and make slime kits, a virtual movie and a scavenger hunt. The events are being advertised via the CEC Instagram (cordcec). 

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