Good afternoon,

Today’s pandemic-related topics include classroom configurations, suspension of classes on October 14, and campus mitigation restrictions.

Classrooms Furnishings

Classroom capacities and room layouts have been modified in order to maintain physical distancing. Ensuring six feet of distancing in our classrooms is essential for mitigation and safety. A room diagram with furniture layouts is posted in each classroom, and furniture must remain as specified in the diagram. An important rule everyone can follow is to simply not move classroom furniture. By following this rule, we are playing an essential role in practicing the Cobber Commitment and supporting the mitigation efforts in place to lessen the spread of COVID-19.

No Classes October 14

As a reminder of the academic calendar, all classes are suspended on Wednesday, October 14 – this includes evening classes. While no classes will be held on this day, the college will remain fully open and normal operations will continue for faculty and staff.

Mitigation Restrictions

Special mitigation restrictions remaining in place today through at least Thursday of this week include:

  • No guests in residence hall rooms/apartments
  • Sit-down eating only in Anderson, the Centrum and outdoors
  • Utilizing both masking and social distancing for outdoor activities

These restrictions are under review. Potential changes to these restrictions will be shared in the Thursday update.

Emergency Response Team
President’s Cabinet