October 8, 2020

College officials are carefully watching the rising COVID-19 case numbers in our surrounding communities. While our number of college cases has leveled off considerably, we need to remain alert to all of our risk factors and we must continue physical distancing, wearing face coverings and not attending any large events for the health of ourselves and our community.

It is also clear we need to be aware of the needs of our community, including allowing some social interactions. For that reason, we are taking a measured response by easing a few of our restrictions while not lifting them.

The following are the revised restrictions: (Effective October 12)

  • Standard residence hall rooms may have one guest in addition to the occupant(s) and each apartment may have two guests. Occupants will be required to maintain 6’ of physical distance from their guest(s) and everyone is required to wear face coverings.  (Note: This is per space, not per resident - one guest for a residence hall room, two guests for an apartment.) As a reminder, you will not be a close contact for COVID contact tracing if you maintain 6’ or more of physical distancing and are masked the entire time. No overnight guests are allowed at this time.
  • Eating will be allowed in the following common areas: Knutson Campus Center and Grant Center. You still must maintain 6 feet of distancing.
  • Masks may be removed outdoors on campus provided you can maintain 6 feet of physical distancing.
    • Examples of when you may remove your mask:
      • Sitting six feet or more from a friend outside
      • Playing frisbee
      • Tossing a baseball
      • Having a bring-your-own-food picnic.
    • Examples of when you shouldn’t remove your mask:
      • Walking across campus and you will be within 6 feet of others
      • Any circumstance you can’t be confident you can maintain 6 feet of physical distance
      • Club/floor/class gatherings where numbers/risk increases.

(Athletics, music and all scheduled events will follow previously established face-covering protocols outdoors.)

Restriction remaining in full effect:

Events, excluding scheduled classes, will continue to be limited to 25 people indoors or outdoors AND must follow the guidelines for events indicated on Onward Concordia.

Flu Shot Clinic Reminder

The Department of Nursing and Sanford Occupational Health are having a flu shot clinic next week.

When: noon to 6 p.m. Friday, October 16
Where: North gym, Memorial Auditorium
Who: Students, faculty and staff
Payment: Insurance cards only (No cash, check or credit transaction.)

Bring your completed insurance form, available here, with you.

Emergency Response Team