September 10, 2020

Good afternoon,

COVID Case Count
Today’s case count and review of key indicators result in no change to the current level of scenario and mitigation planning, which stands at level three – orange. This level affirms the importance of the recently enhanced mitigation measures now required on campus.

  • Masking on campus – both indoors and out
  • Heightened awareness and practice of physical distancing measures
  • Limitation of socializing in groups
  • Recognition of potential for transmission during weekend activities

Our commitment to these important measures is essential.

Case Reporting Practices
The college receives and reports COVID data from three sources: public health officials, our contracted medical provider, and individuals sharing self-reported positive COVID tests. Reporting practices vary among higher education institutions throughout the region. Some colleges only report cases verified by public health officials. Other institutions, like Concordia, report cases through data gathered from multiple sources.

Additionally, Concordia is able to share very timely results from our campus-based testing process.

Monitoring Data
As noted in earlier communications, the College is partnering with Eide Bailly to gather and analyze a variety of data that help us to measure the effectiveness of our mitigation efforts. That project makes use of testing information, results from the Daily Symptom Check, and observations of compliance with masking and distancing protocols, etc. It gives us the ability, among other things, to understand if positive test results are correlated with particular campus spaces or activities.

Trained students and staff regularly observe public spaces and provide informed estimates of community compliance with requirements for masking and distancing. Results thus far:

Time Period Face covering worn correctly Distancing
8/31-9/8 86% 75%
9/6-9/8  90% 83%

While this shows that as a community we have embraced these practices and are improving in our observance of them, we can do still better, and need to, in order to keep our number of cases lower.

Participation in the Daily Symptom Check is high but not perfect. On Wednesday 507 employees and 1,225 students completed the symptom check. As part of our increased attention to mitigation efforts, we recently changed the instructions so that all students and employees are asked to complete the check every day (even weekends) and not simply on days they would be on campus. As with face covering and distancing, we see that the completion of the daily symptom check is a shared activity to protect each other’s health.


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