September 14, 2020 

Good afternoon.  

There are two topics we’d like to address today: (1) gratitude and diligence for testing and reporting, and (2) the COVID Daily Symptom Check. 

We are grateful to our campus community for being diligent in monitoring symptoms of illness.  Your commitment to this process is vital to our community health.  We are also grateful to everyone for their willingness to be tested for COVID-19 when it is deemed necessary.  Finally, we reinforce the importance for students to use the COVID Student Helpline (701) 730-8304  (Daily, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.) for obtaining assistance with quarantine and isolation and other COVID-related questions.  If you live on campus, you MUST contact the Student Helpline for assistance/information about quarantine and isolation. If you live off-campus and have the ability to quarantine/isolate safely without the assistance of the college, it is still important for the college to know your situation and we can potentially serve as a resource.  

COVID Daily Symptom Check: Every one, Every day 
A reminder: we ask that everyone complete this form every day (including weekends) so we can better track our community health. For those who will be on campus or leaving your campus residence, that completion should be done BEFORE coming to campus or leaving your home.  

Thank you for your attention to both of these items. 

Emergency Response Team
President’s Cabinet