September 8, 2020

Throughout our COVID campus planning, the college has been clear that when certain thresholds are reached, we will take action. Current conditions place us now at the third level for scenario planning (orange: medium to high risk). Monitored factors include infection increase over time, percentage of students testing positive, college capacity for quarantine and isolation, and campus community compliance with recommended mitigations. After yesterday’s consultation with the Minnesota Department of Health, the college has determined that additional mitigation efforts are necessary.

The overarching purpose of these efforts is to ramp up physical distancing throughout the college. Together with masking and hand washing, physical distancing—on campus and off—remains essential to minimizing coronavirus spread. College classes and academic activities will continue in multiple formats as scheduled, but the following mitigation protocols will go into effect at 5pm today, September 8, 2020, and remain in place through September 23, 2020.  

1.  Limit student college activities to

•  Classes and other academic activities, though class interactions may be modified or suspended if physical distancing cannot be maintained
•  Dining in Anderson Commons and the Centrum
•  Outdoor activities with both masking and physical distancing
•  Staff supervised outdoor varsity athletic strength and conditioning
•  Supervised campus student work.

2.   Limit individual residence hall rooms and college apartments to those students who live in them, with no on or off-campus visitors during this time.  

3.   Limit campus building access to students, faculty, and staff.

During this two-week period there will be no in-person college events and no college-sponsored travel. Student visits with faculty and staff will be virtual rather than in person. Faculty and staff at higher risk are encouraged to consult with their supervisor about making use of remote work options.

We plan to monitor these recommended efforts over the next two weeks. We will remain in regular contact with the Minnesota Department of Health, which knows our data, and will be in a position to advise us if our rates and trends suggest that further action is needed.

Beyond the weekday dashboard of positive cases, the college community will receive a COVID message each Monday and Thursday afternoon.  

Rising case counts call for increased focus and care for one another. Please continue to complete the daily wellness check and follow any directives its results require. Thank you for your continued resilience in these days as we work together to support the health and wellbeing of the Concordia community.  
The Emergency Response Team
The President’s Cabinet