Seeing clearly higher education’s dual challenge of affordability and learning excellence, Concordia will pursue entrepreneurial strategies to raise revenue, attract investment, streamline operations, and raise both institutional visibility and enrollment market share. This endeavor will engage the entire college community in creating, through its choices and actions, a Concordia that learns and leads for the sake of the world. To realize this goal, Concordia will:

Pursue the growth and diversification of revenue streams to support Concordia’s mission.

  • Increase the Concordia endowment to no less than $200 million, no less than half of which is devoted to financial aid that offsets student tuition costs.
  • Guide investment of endowment funds, under the leadership of the Board of Regents, to support the goals of the college plan.
  • Reduce tuition costs for students and families through transformative philanthropy that increases funding for institutional aid and through a new consideration of students’ on- and off-campus work during their college years.
  • Identify strategic opportunities and execute recruitment activities for enrollment growth. Areas of strategic focus will include targeted geographic territories, academic programs with capacity and demand, increased access and diversity, and the optimization of net tuition revenue.
  • Create, fund, and execute an integrated marketing plan pursuing increased institutional visibility, market share, and understanding of the college’s mission, distinction, and vision for the future.

Demonstrate responsible organizational stewardship to maximize Concordia’s human and physical resources.

  • Review and revise college organizational structures to facilitate institutional flexibility, growth, and efficiency.
  • Identify and communicate benchmarks for employee compensation to increase Concordia’s competitiveness in hiring, retaining, and supporting its faculty and staff.
  • Prepare an updated plan for campus buildings and grounds that supports strategic initiatives and anticipated campus needs.

The Path Forward

These are the central goals supporting Concordia's strategic plan.