Incoming students are invited to participate in the program based on their high school GPA, class rank and standardized test scores. 

During your first year, participants in the honors program must declare their intention to continue in the program if they wish to do so.

Credo courses are designed for high-ability, highly motivated students. Credo faculty do not assume you will be experts on the course subjects, but do expect active participation. These honors courses do not cover more material than other courses, nor are they advanced major courses for non-major students.

Credo faculty do not wish to penalize you for being part of an honors program. Work is evaluated by the same standards that apply in non-honors courses.

Only Credo students can register for Credo courses. If after the first day of class there is space available in a Credo course, non-Credo students may enroll with the permission of the faculty.

As a Credo student, you can fulfill many of your Core Curriculum requirements by taking Credo courses. In some special cases, you may need to take one or two additional courses in order to complete your major and fulfill the Credo requirements.

A permanent notation is placed on your academic transcript indicating you successfully completed the Credo Honors Program. Credo graduates receive special recognition during Commencement and the Honors Convocation.

A total of four Credo courses are required. One will be your Inquiry Seminar your first year, and then three will fulfill core requirements.

Yes. You must register for a Credo Inquiry Seminar. Inquiry Seminars are required courses for first-year students that offer unique opportunities to explore topics you are interested in. The Credo Inquiry Seminars are also designed to introduce you to the Credo Honors Program. 

No. The study abroad component to Credo is optional.

Most students can complete their major(s), minor(s) and the Credo program in their four years at Concordia. Nevertheless, it can require some careful planning, especially if you choose to study abroad through the program.


Lisa M. Sjoberg

Interim Registrar; College Archivist/Digital Collections Librarian; Director, Credo Honors Program; Director, Heritage and Museum Studies Program Library, Heritage & Museum Studies, Registrar's Office