The mission of the Credo Honors Program is to develop compassionate leaders by providing opportunities for high-achieving students to make scholarly contributions and work collaboratively in academic and community settings, locally and globally. 

Goals of the Credo Program

  • Credo students will become leaders of conscience at Concordia College to prepare them become informed global citizens.
  • Credo students will develop research skills, design and produce research and/or creative projects in the appropriate disciplinary or interdisciplinary context.

Core Values 

  • Provide collaborative learning experiences and partnership opportunities to create a community of scholars
  • Promote an environment of co-inquiry between faculty and students through intensive research
  • Encourage and support leadership development
  • Develop transferable skills that will serve students during their time at Concordia and as they transition to careers and postgraduate education
  • Encourage an innovative, creative, and integrative culture that will influence the teaching on our campus

Lisa M. Sjoberg

Interim Registrar; College Archivist/Digital Collections Librarian; Director, Credo Honors Program; Director, Heritage and Museum Studies Program Library, Heritage & Museum Studies, Registrar's Office