In 2022-23, the Lorentzsen Center for Faith and Work will explore the question, “How do we build a more trustworthy world?” through keynote events, a podcast (“Builders”), and a hybrid book club. To receive email updates on all of these opportunities, click the “Connect” button.

November Conversation

“Building a More Trustworthy Criminal Justice System: A Fargo-Moorhead Perspective”

In recent history, the American criminal justice system has been at the center of political and cultural controversies. Issues have emerged around everything from use of force policies and practices to the impact of incarceration among minority communities. Even though many of these issues have been part of our national discourse, they have real-world impacts in communities like Fargo-Moorhead. This month’s keynote event is a panel of local leaders who interact in various ways with the criminal justice system. They will offer a local and regional perspective on the challenges they face along with proposals for how to make the criminal justice system more effective and trustworthy.

The panel will include:
Lt. Bill Ahlfeldt, Fargo Police Department Specialized Services Unit Commander
Matuor Alier, Director of Equity and Inclusion, Moorhead Area Public Schools
Eric Johnson ’82, Director of Alumni Relations at Concordia; JAG Corps, U.S. Navy
Brian Melton ’91, Clay County Attorney
Judge Jade Rosenfeldt ’05, Seventh Judicial District, State of Minnesota

Noon-1 p.m. CST | Tuesday, Nov. 29
Virtual and in-person (limited seating) event in Barry Auditorium, Grant Center, Concordia College. We invite you to bring your own lunch to this event.


Lorentzsen Center Mission

The Lorentzsen Center for Faith and Work was reimagined in 2012, built on the foundation of the Center for Ethical Leadership under the direction of Dr. Jim Legler, professor emeritus of management and leadership.

Built on the legacy of critical thinking on ethical and values-based leadership on campus and in the Fargo-Moorhead community, the Lorentzsen Luncheons offer the opportunity to hear from a diverse array of speakers.

The center honors the life and work of the late Norman M. Lorentzsen, esteemed philanthropist, former CEO of Burlington Northern, alumnus of Concordia College, and former member and chair of its Board of Regents.

Executive Director for Faith and Learning

Dr. Michael J. Chan joined the Concordia College community in June 2022. Prior to that, he was associate Professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minn. He joined Luther Seminary after completing his Ph.D. at Emory University and a year of research and teaching at the University of Helsinki. He is a graduate of Luther Seminary (M.A. in biblical theology) and Pacific Lutheran University (B.A. in elementary education).


Carol M. Hedberg

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