Exploration Seminars: Fall Interim


Wing, Boot and Rail: Exploration and Travel
IWC 100 or by permission
W. Scott Olsen, English
(United Kingdom)  

Business and Commerce in Switzerland
Finance 386
Chris Mason, Business


Exploration Seminars: Spring Interim


Business and Commerce in Hong Kong
Finance 386 
Chris Mason, Business 

New York Theatre: Behind the Lights of Broadway
Theatre 101 or by permission
David Wintersteen, Theatre Art

Urban Travel Writing
English 377, English 477, or by permission
W. Scott Olsen, English
(London & Paris)


May Seminar


Theatre in Europe: Ancient and Modern
Athens, Rome, Venice, Prague, Paris, London
May 7-31, 2019
Theatre 300
David Wintersteen, Theatre Art


Service Learning

Summer Field Studies Abroad

Ecology of East Africa
May 7-June 4, 2019
Biology 444Z
Joseph Whittaker, Biology
Michelle Marko, Biology
Jennifer Sweatman, Biology

Summer School Abroad


Diversity, Justice and Sustainability: Religion and Sociology in South Africa, London and Amsterdam
May 7-June 5, 2019
Sociology / Business / Envr 312SG or
Religion 339JG
Nicholas Ellig, Sociology (312)
Jan Pranger, Religion (339)
Summer School in Santorini
Santorini, Izmir, Athens
May 7-June 9, 2019
Religion 370JG
Roy Hammerling, Religion
Heather Waddell, Classical Studies