Inventory Info

Concordia uses the CAPE for its world language placement. This online inventory determines class placement for students planning to study French, Spanish, and German. The inventory is not available online for Chinese, Greek, or Latin. Students studying those languages should contact the respective departments for placement information.

Before You Begin

Prepare to spend 15-20 minutes completing the inventory.

Do not use dictionaries, grammar books or other study aids while taking the test. It is important the test reflects your ability and places you in an appropriate class level.

The inventory is multiple choice and uses your answers to tailor upcoming questions. Your placement is based on the number of incorrect answers at certain levels.

Only your first test results are accepted, so there's no reason to take it multiple times.

You will need to enter some personal information and your foreign language experience at the beginning of the inventory. Use your Concordia ID or social security number, along with your email address.

After You've Finished

At the end of the CAPE, you will be taken to a report page where your score will be posted. Follow the directions to print, save or e-mail your results.

You will not receive a specific course placement recommendation. Instead, your inventory information will be communicated to the Registrar’s office where your placement will be determined. 

Note: If you are taking the CAPE less than 48 hours before an advising appointment, please print two copies of your test results so they can be added to your advising record.

Get Started

2. Disable pop-up blockers on your computer. The placement inventory appears as a pop-up and will not run if pop-up blockers are active.
3. Fill out this short form BEFORE taking the placement test.