"So, what are your plans?"

It's been quite a year and now you've reached the point where everyone is asking you what you plan to do after high school. But the problem is ... you aren't exactly sure what you want to do or where you want to go. 

If you feel behind in making decisions about what's next for you, we can help.

Pick an upcoming Thursday and come to campus for a One-Stop Visit. This completely customizable experience is open to all high school seniors, no matter where you're at in your journey.

Create YOUR answer to the question you keep hearing.

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One-Stop Visit Elements

Haven't applied? No problem! 

Bring your high school transcript (on your phone is fine) along to your One-Stop Visit.

Worried about cost?

We'll lead you through what your actual scholarship and other aid amounts will be (when you complete the FAFSA at least one week before your visit) so you'll know EXACTLY how much college will cost you.

Some of Your Visit Options

  • Apply for Admission + Get an On-the-Spot Decision
  • Get YOUR Estimated Financial Aid Award
  • Tour Campus (full and partial tours available)
  • Explore the Dorms and Apply for Housing
  • Complete Pre-Registration Documents

Choose Your Date + Options

If you’re a high school senior feeling a bit scared and a lot tired, you’re definitely not alone. 

Don’t let being overwhelmed and exhausted by the past year keep you from making plans for the next one. Start and finish the process in one day – start by selecting your date.