Majors: Multimedia JournalismPolitical Science 

What is your dream job after college and how do you want to make an impact?

My dream job is to be an author with a specialty on the Middle East. I want to make an impact in the latter as I have the advantage of being from that background and spreading more knowledge about this unexplored field from a close-up, personal experience. Concordia is helping me hone and better my research and writing skills in the English language and is helping me pursue research in the classroom about world affairs and politics.

What year are you here at Concordia?

I am a sophomore with an expected graduation year of 2023.

What are you involved in on campus? What kind of work do you want to be known for?

I am involved as a Dining Services employee and Career Center peer mentor, and I want to be known as a cool student ambassador in the Admission Office!

What is your favorite Cobber tradition and why?

My favorite Cobber tradition is throwing the beanie after Opening Convocation. It shows how happy everyone is to enter this new college experience and how happy they are at being at Concordia.

Tell us your favorite stop on tour and why it's your favorite. Why do you connect with the space?

My favorite stop is probably the Knutson Campus Center atrium. Not only because it is located at the center of the college, but also because it captures a lot of aspects about being a college student. Some people are studying, some are chatting, some are eating. And not to forget – it also has the flags that show Concordia's diverse student body!

Words of wisdom for prospective students? 

Be patient. Everything that is meant for you will come to you.

Why did you choose Concordia? Was there a defining moment in your college search process?

I loved the small class sizes that Concordia offers. I also wanted to challenge myself and live in a cold climate in the Midwest. It made me very appreciative of the snow and the apparent seasonal changes.

What does it mean to be a Cobber in one word? 


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