Major: Biology Education
Minor: Psychology

What is your dream job after college and how do you want to make an impact?

My dream job is to be a high school science teacher because I think science is fun and I'm passionate about learning, so I am eager to share my passions while getting to build relationships with students. At Concordia, I have had amazing opportunities to connect with students one-on-one and get some classroom/group facilitation experience in my role as a first-year transition (FYT) mentor. I have also had many opportunities to build relationships with my professors and classmates, and the caring community has definitely been a huge support in figuring out what I want to do and working toward my goals.

What year are you here at Concordia?

I am a sophomore and will be graduating in 2023.

What are you involved in on campus? What kind of work do you want to be known for?

I am involved in choir, Cru, and I work as a first-year transition (FYT) mentor. The most meaningful work for me is when I get to mentor people and build relationships. I love the sense of community at Concordia and I've loved the opportunities I have had the chance to "pay it forward."

What is your favorite Cobber tradition and why? What stories do you have to share about that tradition?

My favorite Cobber tradition is Orientation. My freshman year, Orientation was something that I enjoyed and looked back on fondly because it was when I really started to feel like I was a part of the Concordia community, and this year I got to be an Orientation Leader.

Tell us your favorite stop on tour and why it's your favorite. Why do you connect with the space?

The ISC is my favorite because I love the big windows, sunshine, and looking at the animals. I have also had a lot of classes there, so now it kind of just feels like home.

Words of wisdom for prospective students? 

Do not be afraid to branch out and get out of your comfort zone. Look at a few different majors/academic programs, get involved in extracurriculars/student organizations, and look for opportunities to challenge yourself to grow in college.

Why did you choose Concordia? Was there a defining moment in your college search process?

I was just struck by the friendly environment of campus. When I was visiting, random people would smile at my family and me and, after starting at Concordia, I found a strong sense of community and support.

What does it mean to be a Cobber in one word? 


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