Dr. Susan Cordes Green is a 1976 Alumnus (Psychology, German; Music) who recently became an Emeritus professor of the Concordia Psychology department after many years of teaching.  She is a licensed clinical psychologist and a health psychologist who has specialized in victimization, trauma, stress, and coping.

After an early experience on a Concordia May Seminar as a student, Susan fell in love with travel abroad.  In more recent years, she has led student travel abroad groups  as part of an Exploration Seminar connected to Psych 357 (2008), and as part of a May Seminar to England, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria in 2010, and an Abnormal Psychology class abroad in 2012,2014,2016, and 2018.  She has also traveled independently a number of times to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, and has also visited Sri Lanka, Bora Bora, Central America, and other locations.    

Susan and her husband, Bob, have three grown children, three grandchildren, a springer spaniel, and two ragdoll cats.  She now teaches part-time at Concordia and otherwise divides her time between Fargo, their lake home, and Arizona.