Singita Grumeti English Language Villages

The College, the Language Villages and Singita Grumeti Fund (a conservation and development organization) are partnering for the third year to offer English immersion day camps to youth living in rural Tanzania in villages bordering the Grumeti Reserve comprised of 350,000 acres of land within the Serengeti ecosystem. Travel Tanzania for four weeks with two weeks of teaching at two different schools.

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TeacHaiti English and French Language Villages

The college, Language Villages and TeacHaiti (an educational NGO founded by Miquette Denie McMahon '06) are partnering for the first year to offer English and French immersion day camps in Haiti to youth living in urban Port-au-Prince and rural St. Michel. Travel Haiti for two weeks with one week in each setting teaching English or French at TeacHaiti schools.

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Space is limited. Applications reviewed upon submission until April 1.