Additional Requirements

12 credits from the following:

  • Approved elective, 3-4 credits

3 credits from the following:

  • Other approved elective

4 credits from the following supporting courses:

  • Approved Language courses, 4 credits

Study Abroad

Students are required to successfully complete at least one semester in an approved study abroad program, during which they must take:

  • At least one business or accounting class
  • OR 2 approved exploration seminars abroad
  • OR 1 approved May seminar abroad
    • AND 1 approved summer program abroad during which students must take at least one business or accounting class.

Language Requirement

Students will complete a language minor

OR 20 credits above course number 112 in more than one language. Several current programs have specific language requirements for internships and study abroad. Consult advisor about those expectations. Non-English native speaking foreign students will be required to fulfill the 20 credit language requirements by taking approved English and/or foreign language courses.

Recommended supporting courses (not required):

Optional concentrations for a major in international business (9 to 12 credits)