Concordia Global Community participation form

By opening up their homes – and hearts – to an international student, friends and neighbors are given the chance to share and celebrate the American way of life by embracing a new member during holiday celebrations and everyday life, including meals, movie nights or social outings. By welcoming one another’s culture and being open to learn new perspectives, the Concordia Global Community program creates meaningful connections that often last a lifetime.

What is Concordia Global Community?

Concordia Global Community is a program matched international students and friends and neighbors in the Fargo-Moorhead community for a period of one academic year (September-May), though the relationship may continue longer. If you wish to participate longer than one year, you are encouraged to stay in touch after the program period. The Concordia Global Community program is not a home-stay program. Students will not live with their assigned friends and neighbors.

Maintaining the friendship:

  • You should make contact with one another about once a month. The activity can be almost anything, as the important thing is the connection with one another.
  • Friends and neighbors, whenever possible, should invite students to celebrate holidays with them. Holidays can be a lonely time since international students don’t have family nearby.
  • We encourage you to participate in the various Concordia Global Community activities planned by Concordia College so that you can get better acquainted with other friends and students in the program.
  • Students, explain your customs, country, food, country, religion, to your Concordia Global Community if they have any questions so that you can learn new things from each other.  
  • Religion is an important facet of many people’s lives across the globe. Learning about other religions can be very rewarding, and is also another way to understand a culture. As such, students should know that they may attend religious services and/or events with their Concordia Global Community if they choose to. However, proselytizing (or religious recruiting) is prohibited in accordance with the NAFSA Association of International Educators ethical code. We encourage a respectful open dialogue when questions about religion arise. The most important thing is that the religious opinions or differences of both the families and students are respected.
  • Friends and neighbors, International Students on F-1 visas are prohibited from working off campus without authorization. As such, international students may not do jobs such as babysitting, housework, lawn work or other paid labor in your home. The penalties for working off campus can be severe, so please do not ask students to work for you.
  • Students, please do not ask your Concordia Global Community for financial support or other material items.
  • Sometimes, friends/neighbors and students may not be compatible. In these rare cases, please contact our office.