Established on 12.21.2013 by Brent '80 and Debra '81 Lunke  

The Lunke family has has a close affiliation with Concordia College since Brent's parents, Don and Joyce Lunke, attended the College in the mid-1950s. Don majored in business administration, and Joyce majored in home economics. Deb's affiliation began with her father, James Johnson, being on the board of regents of the college in the mid-1970s. Since then, Brent and his brothers, Ron and Wayne, attended the college in the late 1970's through the 1980's, all majoring in business. Deb and her sisters, Karen and Sandi, all also attended the college. Concordia College has been the foundation of any successes that Brent and Deb's family has achieved throughout the ensuing years.

The Lunke Family Endowed Scholarship in Business is awarded by the Office of Financial Aid to students from Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana attending the Offutt School of Business. Selection is based on scholastic achievement and financial need.