Established on 10.25.2021 by Roger L. and Susan M. Eggen

In the mid-1930’s Roger’s Mother, Frances Matilda Haugen was awarded a Concordia scholarship because she was valedictorian of her high school class in Litchville, ND. Her father, John Haugen, was an immigrant homesteader from Norway in LaMoure County, ND. When he came to move her home for the summer, he had to announce the crops failed that year and there would be no money to finish college. So, there’s been a desire in the family to send a grandchild to Concordia. That person was Roger, who also was awarded a Concordia scholarship when he graduated from Grafton High School in ND.

When World War II came along, Roger’s dad was conscripted into the U. S. Army from Barnes County. As we walked him to the troop train, mother told my sister and me: “Take a good look at your father. You may not see him again!” After the war, he became very busy as proprietor and manager of several Gamble Stores in Valley City, Hunter, and Grafton. At the same time, the new technology of “television” came along, which required new technical skills. These were offered to GI’s under the GI Bill of Rights in correspondent schools by mail. Dad didn’t have or find time to do the lessons, so instead, Roger did the lessons for two years while in junior high school and graduated with honors. The resulting talents helped the Gamble Store business and basically financed the cost of going through Concordia College. The last Gamble Store was in Grafton, ND, a “farm town” with lots of field dirt from potatoes and sugar beets depreciating city living during harvest. Roger could not understand why God sent our family to Grafton. Well, it was so Roger could find the perfect woman to become his wife!

That woman was Susan Marie Ordahl, who attended St. Luke’s School of Nursing in Fargo, ND. Her nursing skills were used for over eighteen years as the Coordinator of Dinner at Your Door programs out of North Memorial Hospital in Robbinsdale, MN.

From this family came two sons, Mark Allen, who practices anesthesiology as a medical doctor, and Steven John, who practices law as an attorney.

At Concordia, Roger majored in biology with a minor in chemistry. He feels the liberal arts are very enriching to works like Scriptures and the writings of Søren Kierkegaard, as well. Our challenge comes from Micah 6:8, “what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, love kindness, and to walk humbly with the Lord.” It is out of this spirit that we offer this endowed scholarship. We hope the gifts will help others as much as Concordia has helped us. 

Soli Deo Gloria!

The Eggen Family Endowed Scholarship is awarded by the Office of Financial Aid to students of any class majoring within the School of Arts and Sciences or Sanford Heimarck School of Health Professions. Selection is also based on financial need.