Established on 12.03.2021 by Grace and Fred Ehlers

It is with joy that we can assist students in their pursuit of higher education at Concordia College. Three of our children, Freddy ’90 and Charlie ’95 Ehlers and daughter Stephanie (Ehlers) McNab ’89, all graduated from Concordia, son Matthew was also wishful, but that was not to be. We also had the good fortune of both Freddy and Charlie bringing beloved daughters-in-law, Maris (Murphy) Ehlers ’91 and Kari (Walrath) Ehlers ‘96, into our family from Cobberville!

Over the many years of our visits to campus, we were enchanted by Concordia’s music program. The annual Christmas Concert, always the epitome of our visits to Concordia, plus my love of organ performance, has inspired our family to become a part of Concordia’s scholarship program. We wish the student recipients of the Ehlers Family Endowed Scholarship much success on their journey and in their choice of a music curriculum. Thank You for letting our family be a part of your dreams.

Soli Deo Gloria!

The Ehlers Family Endowed Scholarship is awarded by the Office of Financial Aid to one or more students of any class majoring in any field of music or to students participating in one of the Concordia’s core music programs or ensembles. First preference will be given to students who are studying the organ.