Established on 04.16.2016 by Greg '81 and Jerilyn '82 Kjellberg, Jeff '83 and Melanie Kjellberg, Linda '80 and Steve Eickman, Kjirstin '88 and Tom Delaney, and Gloria Kjellberg

Bruce H. Kjellberg was not a Concordia graduate but had 26 members of his immediate family attend and graduate. Early in his life he became a fan of the Concordia Choir and rarely missed a Christmas Concert, or any other performance that was performed nearby. All four of his children, and 5 of his 11 grandchildren were Cobbers. Bruce served as an ALC, then ELCA, Lutheran pastor for over 40 years. Classical Choral and Organ music were his deep passions. When asked how he would like to see the memorial money given from his funeral his only answer was “The Concordia Music Program.” It is in his honor and memory that this fund has been established, reflecting his love of music and heart for Concordia.

The Bruce H. Kjellberg Endowed Scholarship is awarded by the Financial Aid Committee. Selection is based on a student entering their sophomore year, declaring music as a major with a focus in Vocal Performance or Choral Music. The scholarship should follow the student thru graduation and then start with a new student fitting the above criteria.