All in the Family

Cobber Connections: Five beanies, six brothers, one family farm

Every year, all six Buhr brothers and their families gather for a weekend and their destination is usually the Minnesota farm where they grew up. They all enjoy getting out and using the old equipment for little jobs around the farm when they return to the homestead close to Brooten.

In the photo left to right are: Geoffrey, Leslie ’73, Paul ’63, Daniel ’82, James ’67, and Stanley ’70. Geoffrey only spent a year at Concordia before deciding to return to the farm, later finding his true passion working with dairy cattle and becoming a veterinarian, but the other five all graduated from Concordia.

James’ wife, Sharon (Muir) ’68, who shared the photo, said the oldest brother bought the farm when their parents passed away so it’s still in the family and they’re all able to meet there.

At the most recent gathering, Paul’s wife, Carole (Berge) ’64, was going through boxes of things left in the house by the Buhr parents and found the five beanies that were the inspiration for the photo.

It’s a mystery why there were only five beanies since their mother was a saver, with Paul suggesting that maybe they didn’t wear them back when he went to school. However, the beanie tradition at Concordia started long before that (1922) and was reintroduced in 1955 with the Cobber colors.