Cobber Flex Year Opens New Options For Students

New program assists students affected by pandemic

Concordia College is launching a new program for students, the Cobber Flex Year option, which allows current students and new students beginning in fall 2021 two tuition-free semesters of study beyond their anticipated graduation date. The Cobber Flex Year option allows students whose college experience is affected by the pandemic expanded possibilities to learn – both in class and beyond – in ways they find most compelling.

“We are impressed with the creativity and resilience Cobbers have shown in this challenging time and wish to make sure all students have options for the time they need to get the most out of their Concordia education,” President William Craft said in a message to students.

The Cobber Flex Year may be used to complete degree requirements, add a major or minor, participate in a PEAK learning experience or research with faculty, or complete an internship or special project. In addition, students may choose to participate in music ensembles, fine arts, or athletics when traditional schedules resume.

“We are pleased that Concordia students have embraced their education this fall,” says Dr. Susan Larson, dean of the college. “With the Cobber Flex Year, we want to provide access for students to have some of the experiences that may have been modified or that cannot be offered this year because of the pandemic.”

For more information regarding eligibility and the application process, please visit the Cobber Flex Year page.