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Continuing Studies Welcomes Back the Literacy Conference

The STAR Institute is hosting the Literacy Conference.

Concordia Continuing Studies introduces the Specialized Teaching and Research (STAR) Institute of Education with the revitalization of the Literacy Conference.

The STAR Institute of Education will be hosting the 2019 Literacy Conference on June 20 in the Knutson Campus Center at Concordia College. The conference will involve topics such as reading, oral language, instructional technology and more. The daylong conference covers many topics and offers engaging conversation opportunities.

The conference is open to anyone interested in furthering their knowledge on teaching including K-12 teachers, speech pathologists, school tutors and other education professionals. There is an opportunity to earn up to 6 CEU credits or .5 undergraduate college credit.

The 2019 Literacy Conference features keynote speaker Kari Yates, author of “Simple Starts: Making the Move to a Reader-Centered Classroom” and “To Know and Nurture a Reader: Conferring with Confidence and Joy.” Yates has dedicated her professional life to helping readers and their teachers through planned, effective and meaningful literacy instruction.

Additionally, breakout sessions include panel discussions, presentations and activities that provide practical ideas, skills and strategies. Participants will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with new technologies in the classroom.

Dr. Kristen Ford, associate professor of education, hopes to see participants leave with new ideas and strategies they can bring back to their own classrooms.

“We hope that they find something new and novel that can positively impact their classrooms, schools, and even districts,” she said. “More importantly, we hope people find a community of familiar and new connections that they can keep in touch with and look forward to seeing year after year at this conference.”

After a few years off, the STAR Institute is excited about bringing back the Literacy Conference and has hopes of rekindling the tradition of bringing the education community together each year.

“We are attempting to make this an engaging, hands-on conference that brings people back next year and the year after that,” Ford said.

Concordia College’s STAR Institute of Education is dedicated to preparing education professionals for the changing needs and dynamics of today’s students and classrooms. The STAR Institute has four primary objectives:

  • Prepare and develop leaders in a variety of educational settings

  • Provide dynamic and interactive educational opportunities that engage students in the learning process

  • Advance scholarship and best practices within the K-16 community

  • Inspire current and future education leaders to provide the most effective learning tools and environments for their students

With these goals in mind, the STAR Institute of Education looks forward to hosting the Literacy Conference this year and hopefully more to come.