Local Artist Brightens Concordia Sidewalk

Artist brings her chalk murals to Concordia.

Moorhead artist Kim Jore recently brightened the concrete walkway between Concordia’s Knutson Campus Center and Old Main academic building with a chalk mural.

“Love, Harmony & Peace” depicts two outstretched hands cradling the world in their palms. It was sponsored by Student Life and Campus Development.

Jore says she designed the mural with Concordia in mind, saying, “I thought the theme fit perfectly for Concordia, as Concordia means double hearts.”

“Love, Harmony & Peace” is the seventh of 10 total chalk murals that Jore plans for Moorhead sidewalks. Before coming to Concordia, Jore’s chalk murals briefly brightened the entrances of Moorhead locations including the sidewalks near Walgreens, Ace Hardware, and Hornbacher’s.

Jore says she began the project in mid-April in order to get outside during quarantine while her Riverzen hair salon and art gallery was temporarily closed.

“I love being outdoors, it’s my passion,” Jore says. “I’m doing it out here where people walk to bring a little joy to everybody.”

Jore says she spends about four hours completing each mural, relying on a miniature sketch of her design as a guide while drawing. While chalk can sometimes be tricky, Jore has a lot of familiarity with the medium.

“I’ve been involved in chalk festivals and have been commissioned to do sidewalk art,” Jore says. “I sort of know the lay of the land when it comes to chalk, how to make it stay, what color and contrast to use, and working on all sorts of surfaces.

Once a mural is completed, she seals the chalk with a spray adhesive that helps each piece shine and temporarily preserves them from the wind and rain. The colorful chalk naturally washes away after a few days, so Jore makes sure to share pictures of them on social media for everyone to enjoy.

Watch Kim Jore complete her mural "Love, Harmony & Peace" below.