New Book Sees Value in Curiosity

Cobber Connections: Concordia grad encourages everyone to be curious.

Len Jepson’s new book, “Cosmically Curious: Perceptions from a Speck Called Earth,” is a perfect read for Cobbers.

Jepson ’66 says though the subject matter may seem deep – philosophy, theology (even quantum theology), and physics – the book is full of true “corny” stories including some from his days on Concordia’s campus. They are conversation starters, prompting readers to explore topics they may not have contemplated in depth before.

“The foundation of the book is ‘epistemic curiosity,’ an ongoing imaginative intellectual openness that leads to an enriched general knowledge,” Jepson says. 

Curiosity tends to increase early in life and decrease as life goes on, but some people retain this curiosity and Jepson is one of those. He embraces curiosity with passion. 

A lifelong pastor and philosopher, Jepson has had various leadership roles over the years including parishes, synods, and regional, state and national settings. Personal and professional development and studies have also taken place globally in Helsinki, Hong Kong, Germany, South Africa, and Japan.

Jepson believes that curiosity can be compared to the way an artist looks at the world, preparing to put it on canvas. He encourages the reader to continually question, explore unknowns, and by all means always remain curious.

The book can be ordered online from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.