It’s no secret that this is the season a lot of – or, let’s be honest, most – people look forward to. But if you go to Concordia, then you know there are just as many reasons to love fall. For those of you who don’t know, here are 10 reasons why Cobbers look forward to going back to school:

four students laughing and walking on sidewalk

The people

Summer months can make it difficult to maintain the relationships you made in college and hinder your chances of meeting new people. But once everyone is back on campus, you can finally see the people that you’ve been missing and/or the people that you’ve never met before (yes, this is still possible, even with our small campus). Whether they’re students, faculty, staff, or alumni – it’s the people who truly “make” Concordia what it really is.

Prexy's Pond in Fall

The places

If you’ve ever visited campus, then you know that it looks good at all times of the year. But one of Concordia’s best looks? Fall. Combine the perfect autumn weather with spots on campus and you’ve got a happy place. Some of the best-looking places include the famous bell tower, Olin Hill, the steps in front of Old Main and Prexy’s Pond. And the seasonal beauty extends beyond campus, especially into the Fargo-Moorhead area.

students posing and cheering in homecoming game crowd

The events

If anyone can put on a successful event, it’s Concordia. And lucky for you, some of our best events happen during the first half of the academic year. Nothing beats the excitement of Orientation Week, the connectedness of Family Weekend, the traditions surrounding Homecoming and, let’s not forget, the highly anticipated Cobber Ring Day in November.

trombone players

Extracurricular activities

The opportunities for involvement are endless at Concordia. No matter who you are or what you’re interested in – there is a club, group, team and/or organization for you here. So make sure to check out the Cobber Expo to see everything we have to offer. Still don’t see anything you like? Then start your own organization.

students at Anderson Commons patio table

The dining plan options

Do you ever have a ridiculous amount of meals swipes left at the end of the semester? Are you too busy to make it to Anderson Commons before closing time? In addition to the seven wonderful already established meal plans, Dining Services offers Late Night Swipes. These can be used in either The Maize or Korn Krib “after hours” (up to an $8 value). So be sure to take advantage of this new initiative to get the most for your money.

lofted bed with twinkle lights in dorm

The housing options

Whether you’re living on or off campus, there are housing options for everyone. Some of the best memories you’ll make here happen during the first two (required) years in the residence halls, and some happen off campus when you finally decide to “adult” and get a place close to campus with friends. Wherever you decide to live, it’s likely you’ll start calling that place (and Concordia) home.

students in adirondack chairs on lawn

The freedom

Need a break from your parents? J/K – love you, Mom! Going back to school means a lot more than just getting away from family members or your hometown. At Concordia, students have the freedom to create an academic and social experience that’s their own. A liberal arts education allows students to explore a curriculum that prepares them for all of life’s disciplines, perspectives, and needed responses. And with so many options, students can get involved as much (or as little) as they want outside of the classroom.

students on sidewalk in front of ISC

The first day of classes

Many people think the first day of classes means a “syllabus day,” a day when you get out early because classes are shorter from just reviewing the course’s introduction (hence the name). In some cases this might be true, but the first day of classes at Concordia means so much more. The first day of class is the end to a week of Orientation (Opening Convocation, the beanie toss on Olin Hill, etc.) and a time when everyone is finally back together on campus.

two female students in chemistry lab

The classes in general

Classes may not be something that make it onto every student’s back-to-school list. But for Cobbers, that’s (hopefully) a different story. Classes are taught by supportive faculty members, not TAs (with a 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio). And with 50+ majors and 12 preprofessional programs to choose from, you’re sure to find something taught by someone you like. 

Group of Cobbers in Haiti

All the other opportunities

If going back to school still isn’t your cup of tea, then have no fear – Fall Breakaway is here! Well, I guess you could say it’s “around the corner.” And by “it,” I mean a full week of break! You can use this time to relax and avoid anything school-related, or you can choose to become responsibly engaged in the world through all of the opportunities Concordia offers (Habitat for Humanity, Justice Journeys, PEAK, etc.).