For the Foodies

Teaberry storefront Fargo

Teaberry – 119 Broadway N., Fargo

Smoothies are the perfect drink to carry with you while you explore downtown Fargo. If you go to Teaberry, you need to try their smoothies with tapioca pearls, or commonly referred to as “boba.” With fruit smoothies, coffee drinks, and even aloe water, their menu has something that will please all who visit. Try my favorite – a honeydew melon and cucumber smoothie with boba.

Wurst Bier Hall Fargo

Würst Bier Hall – 630 1st Ave N., Fargo, and 3179 Bluestem Drive, West Fargo

If good food and company is your thing, bring some friends along to hit up Würst Bier Hall. With two locations in the area, this place has some of the tastiest sausages and cauliflower bites around. Aside from the awesome brews and music, they have a full vegan menu if meat isn’t your thing. If you have a sophisticated palate, or are just adventurous, try their rabbit with rattlesnake and jalapeño sausage with reckless abandon. Heads up: Patrons under 21 are not allowed in either Würst location after 9 p.m.

For the Readers 

Bookshelves in Zandbroz Variety Fargo

Zandbroz Variety – 420 Broadway N., Fargo

Zandbroz Variety has a massive collection of books from all genres, a great section of books written by local authors, and even a secondhand bookstore in the back. Upon walking inside, you will be greeted by adorable decorations, beautiful stationery, fragrant candles, and elaborate posters. Visit Zandbroz if you want to pick out a book or an adorable gift for a friend (or yourself!).

Paradox Comics N Cards Fargo

Paradox Comics-N-Cards – 26 Roberts St. N., Fargo

If you have an interest in comic books, make your way to Paradox Comics-N-Cards. Founded in 1993, Paradox has been bringing entertainment to Fargo for more than 25 years. The merchandise isn’t just limited to comic books, though. Products include board games, role playing game supplies, and graphic novels. If you got your fill of comic books and are ready for more fun, check out the huge stock of popular games and cards, like Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and Pokémon.

For the Children at Heart

Fargo Scheels Indoor Ferris Wheel

Scheels Indoor Ferris Wheel – 1551 45th St. S., Fargo

Affectionately named “Ruby,” the indoor Ferris wheel at Scheels in Fargo is sure to make you smile. Buy a ride chip from a cashier for a dollar and make your way to the line. The view from the Ferris wheel will show you all the sporting goods store has to offer, and you will spend a good 15 minutes suspended and enjoying your time on the ride. Be careful not to shake the cart!

Trees at Island Park Fargo

Island Park Tree Tour – 598 1st Ave. S., Fargo

If being one with nature makes you happy, head to Fargo’s oldest park, located just south of downtown Fargo. In walking distance from the Red River, Island Park is home to a large community swimming pool that is open in the summer, along with community programming and events. If a gentle walk is all you need to have a good time, consider going on the Island Park Tree Tour.

For the History Buff

The Rourke Art Gallery

The Rourke Art Gallery and Museum – 521 Main Ave., Moorhead

Housed in the building that once was the Moorhead Federal Post Office, The Rourke Art Gallery and Museum has been a pillar of the Moorhead community since 1960. Bringing artwork to Moorhead, The Rourke has more than 5,000 works on display within its walls. Serving as a nonprofit organization, The Rourke’s exhibitions and operations are supported by the North Dakota Council on the Arts, Lake Region Arts Council, and the Arts Partnership. Public viewing hours are 1-5 p.m. Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. With free admission, you can get your dose of artwork and community history at this historic gallery and museum. 

Viking Ship in Hjemkomst Center

Historical and Cultural Center of Clay County – 202 1st Ave. N., Moorhead (inside the Hjemkomst Center)

If you take a drive in downtown Moorhead, it’s likely you’ll see a white peak in the sky far above any building in town. That white peak is the Hjemkomst (Norwegian for “homecoming”), a Viking ship that was built more than 35 years ago that made a voyage to Norway. The Historical and Cultural Center of Clay County is home to the famous ship, along with artwork, archives, and exhibitions that are everchanging and interesting. Full of Scandinavian culture and heritage, you will be sure to learn something new with every visit. With affordable rates to visit the center, check it out to research the rich history of the F-M community and its early founders.