With the majority of our work and personal life being dedicated to a computer, sometimes the most helpful thing when trying to get yourself organized might be to take a breath and step away from technology. We are not saying that digital calendars like Google Calendar and Egenda aren’t great, but there is something irreplaceable about taking pen to paper – and physically writing it down.

Why paper? A few (very good) reasons:

  • Pen and paper provide you with the freedom to create a system that works for you – draw in columns, boxes, doodle, and draw in a cake on the day of your birthday – whatever you please.
  • The simplicity is freeing – jotting down a few words takes much less mental energy than opening an app and filling out the many variables. (Those calendars have more information to fill out than forms at the DMV!)
  • No battery life worries! The paper agenda won’t die on you.
  • A notebook can be a beautiful piece to carry.

Best 2020 College Planners

Rifle Paper Co. Everyday 17-Month Planner

Rifle Paper Co. is known for beautiful floral designs that are guaranteed to lift your spirits. This planner comes with inspirational quotes, metallic gold accents, sections for celebrations, and requires no vase (we kid). It’s stunning and will look great on your desk.

2020 Monthly Calendar

This planner is laid out by month, which is helpful for the most minimal of planner users. With 25 note pages, eight contact pages, and two password pages, this planner is simple but gets the job done.

Ban.do 17-Month Agenda

Boring notebooks no more! This planner is an art gallery, a cheerleader, and will quickly become your best friend. I have never seen a more decorated, loud, and fun organizational tool. If you have a wild style, this should be your choice. Stickers, art, and posters set this agenda apart.

Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Dotted Journal

This is the best bullet journal option. If you haven’t heard of bullet journaling but find extreme satisfaction in being incredibly organized, it’s likely time for you to start. Leuchtturm1917 is a classic and utilitarian option. It has a hard cover, so there’s no bending or peeling. It lays flat so you can easily write and has sturdy paper that won’t bleed no matter how much scribbling you do.

Panda Planner

Business Insider named Panda Planner the top small planner for 2019. Aimed toward maintaining your happiness and increasing organization, this planner helps you set goals and stick to them. With daily, weekly, and monthly layouts in this planner, you can plan ahead and stay on task. This planner is undated, meaning you can start any time and ensure you don't waste pages.

Academic Passion Planner

For every planner purchased, Passion Planner gives one away. With a soft, faux-leather cover and hand-bound paper, the Passion Planner is durable and ready to take with you wherever you go. Focusing on helping you channel your priorities and stick to them, this panner is efficient and thoughtfully laid out.

So what keeps you most organized? Are you team digital or team paper? We think there is room for both!