Atrium n. The open area of Knutson Campus Center with the comfy chairs and location of hosted booths

Beanie n. Small cap worn throughout Fall Orientation by freshmen and transfer students

BC n. Business Center; Offutt School of Business, Grant Center

BREW v. Becoming Responsibly Engaged in the World, the motto instilled upon all students as they grow their education at Concordia

CEC n. Campus Events Commission, student-led group responsible for many of the weekly campus events

Clubbie n. Peers from your Orientation Club and Inquiry Seminar

Cobber n. Official term for all students, alumni, employees, and athletic teams of Concordia College

Cobberville n. The home of all Cobbers

Conco n. Shortened version of Concordia used by students

Cornstock n. Concert hosted by CEC the weekend before spring finals

COSS n. Celebration of Student Scholarship, an event held each spring to showcase the work and research of fellow students

DS n. Dining Services; Anderson Commons

East n. Hallett and Erickson residence halls east of Eighth Street; connected to Grant Center

FM n. Fargo-Moorhead

ISC n. Integrated Science Center

Kernel Cobb n. Official mascot of Concordia College

Niblet n. Mini mascot of the college, cousin to Kernel Cobb

OL n. Orientation Leader

PEAK n. Pivotal Experience in Applied Knowledge, integrative learning experiences for students

P. Craft n. Student-given abbreviation/nickname for our president, William Craft

Prospie n. Term of affection used by current Cobbers to refer to a prospective student

#cordmn n. Official hashtag used on social media to reference a person, place or event at Concordia

#rollthesecobbs n. Rally call for Cobber athletics; also #RollCobbs