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Looking back as a senior this year, one of my biggest regrets is not taking advantage of all the opportunities downtown Fargo has to offer. Luckily, it’s never too late. Whether it is through the people you meet, the organizations you become a part of, the places you go, or the events you attend, there are endless ways to get involved in the downtown Fargo culture.

There are so many people who want you to be here and present in the community, and those who strive every day to make this a great place to live.

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Nonprofits like Folkways discover ways to serve our culture creators and engage the community through initiatives such as the Red River Market, Night Bazaar, and the Christkindlmarkt, which support small and local businesses, artists and musicians. Other nonprofits like Emerging Prairie make it a mission to connect and celebrate the entrepreneurial ecosystem through events such as 1 Million Cups and TEDxFargo. They also host programs like the Intern Experience and offer coworking and event space at the Prairie Den. There are numerous other people and organizations to help you get involved, but these two are the perfect way to get started.

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Ever find yourself needing to get outside or off campus? Grab some friends and drive (or take the MATBUS, which is free for students) to downtown Fargo. Whether you’re dining or shopping, downtown Fargo is the perfect place to hang out. While these businesses are here to stay, there are also events that only happen once a year that you won’t want to miss, such as the Downtown Fargo Street Fair in the summer, the Bridge Bash in the fall, and Frostival in the winter.

Red River Market

And this is just a taste of the opportunities available to you. When meeting new people, joining new organizations, going to new places, or attending events, new opportunities to get involved will always arise. The key is to do your own research to find out what you might be interested in or what you’re passionate about and just get out there and do it.

Students at Bridge Bash

Here’s some advice from some downtown Fargo experts/Cobber alumnae:

“The best way to get involved in downtown Fargo is exactly that. Get involved. The Fargo-Moorhead area is an incredibly friendly place that offers endless opportunities for connection.” — Morgan Schleif ’16

“Chances are pretty solid that there’s a group in need of the passion in your heart here in Fargo. Art, entrepreneurship, comedy, human rights, puppies, music, fitness — you name it.” — Kirsten Stave ’18

“Find an organization or event that needs volunteers and sign yourself up. Helping stain planters for the Red River Market or being a mic runner at 1 Million Cups can connect you with the teams that make these events happen, the other volunteers who want to make downtown a better place, and the people who benefit from having these events in our community.” — McKaila Ruud ’17