Located at Broadway Square in downtown Fargo, the Red River Market is a free event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday starting in July and running through October.

Follow this guide to hit all of the best spots the market has to offer. Remember to have some cash, as not all vendors accept credit cards, and bring your reusable bag.

popcorn vendors and Kernel

Find a parking spot.

While parking can sometimes be tricky, there are plenty of spots in downtown Fargo if you do some looking. If parking on the street isn’t an option, you can park for free in the Roberts Commons Ramp, which is a five-minute walk from the market. The Red River Market even has a map of parking possibilities. Riding the MATBUS is also an option – free to students with college ID.

Make your way into the market.

Depending on which entrance you find, you will be greeted with one of two things. The first being a stage where community members share their talent, such as singing, dancing, or even a workshop demo. The second option is a wooden cart that sells homemade baked goods, such as cookies, breads, and donuts. Both of these are a win-win.

bread cart

Take a stroll.

The market is full of vendors, all specializing in something a little bit different. Food carts, vegetable and plant stands, jewelry, ceramics, tables dedicated to baked sweets and breads, even a vendor who sells homemade dog treats. Take a look around to see what you need to make your Saturday special.

Sit down for a drink or snack.

If you need something to cool you down from the weekend heat, try an iced coffee from Twenty Below Coffee Co. or a bottle of fresh juice, smoothie, or smoothie bowl from Juice Box Fargo (look for the neon green truck). If you’re in the mood for a savory bite or sweet treat, let your nose lead you to the food trucks and stands. Whiffs of curry, sweet crepes, or even hot dogs might fill the air on any given Saturday. 

brown bottle of Flannel Fizz

Grab your friends and snap a picture with the iconic red truck.

Located on the north side of the market sits a vintage red pickup truck. Serving as a sort of mascot for the Red River Market, the truck sitting proudly and patiently as visitors take a moment to capture a photo with it.

Last Updated July 2021