For the Sweet Tooth

Hands making a crepe at Tea and Crepe

Tea and Crepe

If you are craving something more adventurous than the regular scoop ice cream (which is still delicious!), head to Tea and Crepe for some tantalizing Thai ice cream creations. I am sure you have probably seen the viral Thai ice cream videos – the ones where they pour ice cream base onto a frozen surface, tools in hand, to combine and scrape the ice cream off the surface. If you aren’t craving ice cream, try a crepe. They make it in front of you and fill their crepes with toppings like matcha whipped cream, strawberries, Nutella or bananas. 

Students choosing candy from bins at candy shop

Yeobo Sweet Shop

Located inside Unglued on Broadway, Yeobo offers all of the fun sweet and sour gummies, jawbreakers, and hard candies that you can’t find in the aisle at the grocery store. Put a glove on, grab a bag, and fill it with however much your heart desires. Grab some of my favorite candies – the champagne gummy bears or the mango chili gummies. For extra fun, take a moment to walk around Unglued afterward; it has the cutest selection of cards and stickers.


For the Art Enthusiast

exterior of brick Rourke building

The Rourke

Originally the Moorhead Federal Post Office, this neoclassical building once housed the Red River Art Center and the Plains Art Museum and is now home to The Rourke Art Gallery and Museum. With plenty of events and fascinating exhibitions, the space offers community opportunities that are vital to the F-M area. The Rourke is open to the public from 1-5 p.m. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with free admission for all visitors.

Flower arrangements on a desk

Prairie Petals

Next to Rosey’s Bistro in Roberts Alley, Prairie Petals is an adorable downtown floral shop. Aside from the amazing smells, it offers affordable arrangements that are handcrafted and personal. The owner, Kimberly Hess, even finds ways to incorporate wildflowers from her Minnesota farmland into her pieces. Whether you stop by just to browse or with a plan in mind, you probably won’t be able to leave empty handed.


Just for Fun

students bowling

Sunset Lanes

With college, family, and league nights, there is a time for everyone to come out and bowl. If you are looking for an affordable Friday night activity, make your way over to Sunset Lanes in north Moorhead. College night lasts from 9:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. and costs $8.50 per student. Plus, if you score a strike with a colored pin, you win a 2-liter bottle of pop.

peanut butter grinders

Prairie Roots Food Co-op

Nut Grinder: OK, this one might seem like a stretch but, seriously, it’s a blast. With most students only getting their fix of ground nuts from the Anderson Commons nut grinder from September to May, make your way to Prairie Roots for ground almonds and peanuts. Plus, you will be supporting the community with your purchase.