From sharing a bathroom with your floormates to getting to know your roommate, you’ll likely discover new things every day. 

Moving away from home and living on your own for the first time can be scary, but when you live on campus you are in the same place as the rest of your peers. Living near where you take classes is very helpful for studying, making new friends, and experiencing more of what it’s like to live on campus.

Being able to live on campus while having online classes can even be challenging when meeting other students who live right next to you. I have often found that the best way to get to know others is by knocking on their door and asking if they would like to get some food together or just hang out in the dorm lounge. Your resident assistant (R.A.) may also have events planned that allow you to get closer with your floormates – with social distancing of course.

During the pandemic, Concordia has the health and safety of students as its first priority when discussing on-campus living. The college has made adjustments for students to feel safe and still give them a positive experience while living on campus.

A common concern for first-year students is adjusting to sharing a bathroom with an entire floor of people. Every student who has lived on campus has experienced this before, so you are not alone. While it can be different from your private bathroom at home, the dorm bathrooms are cleaned daily and often it’s just you and one other person in the floor bathroom at the same time. Cobber Tip: Purchase a shower caddy to place all of your bathroom essentials for an easier and more organized experience.

Concordia has several on-campus living options. From traditional halls to apartments and townhouses, there is something for everyone. Each dorm has different features to meet the needs of all students who live on campus. First-year residence halls are Erickson, Hallett, Hoyum, Livedalen, and Park Region.

Along with the many residence hall options, there are Living Learning Communities as well. LLCs provide students who share a common interest the opportunity to live together and engage more deeply. LLCs typically have a faculty or staff advisor to assist with programming related to the LLC’s topic.

Living Learning Communities at Concordia include:

  • Multicultural Living Community: Located in Fjelstad, the MLC’s mission is to provide a supportive, inclusive space that engages with different perspectives, identities, and experiences while promoting belonging. MLC will be a space that cultivates community, collaboration, and connection while teaching and learning from one another.

  • Sexuality and Gender Inclusion Community: Located on two floors in Park Region, this is a great housing option for anyone who:

    • is looking for an especially inclusive and welcoming living option

    • may not fit in the gender binary, or

    • simply wants to learn more about sexuality and gender while living with like-minded students

  • Language Apartments*: The World Languages Apartments, located in Bogstad Manor, give students the chance to live and speak the target language at home. Language options: Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Other (depending on interest)

Note: LLCs designated with an * are open to returning students only. To apply to live in an LLC, indicate your interest on the MyHousing app. Contact to learn more.

Perks of Living On Campus

Published February 2021